District 211 Faculty Visit mHUB Facility in Chicago

To continue maximizing opportunities for District 211 students in manufacturing and entrepreneurship, District 211 strives to finds various ways to connect its students with real-world experience.

Laser Cut Artwork at mHUB

Laser Cut Artwork at mHUB

District 211 teachers were invited to tour a new facility in Chicago called mHUB on Oct. 25. At the facility, they were able to see firsthand what collaboration between the manufacturing and entrepreneurial fields looks like today.

“This facility confirms that District 211 is doing all of the right things for our manufacturing and entrepreneurship students,” said Lisa Small, associate superintendent for Instruction. “The equipment and machines we have at District 211 are on par with what professionals are using in the field. District 211 looks forward to finding ways to connect our students with the mentors and resources connecting to mHUB.”

On its website, mHUB is described as, “Chicago’s first innovation center focused on physical product development and manufacturing. By connecting the manufacturing sector with the vibrant technology entrepreneurial community, mHUB will ensure Chicago’s legacy remains that of a beacon to a region that builds products, and also the future.”

Small said mHUB is planning educational events and school outreach programs in the future. The equipment found in the manufacturing areas of mHUB allow ideas to go from being an idea to design to prototyping or limited manufacturing.

img_0780Here is what District 211 teachers had to say about mHUB:

“It would be great for our students to experience mHUB through a hacking or making competition where they create a multidisciplinary group of students to build a rapid prototype to solve a challenge.” – Jeffrey O’Brien, SHS Mathematics Teacher

“My mHUB visit provided me an eye opening experience of the resources available to create a link between student ideation and product launch in our entrepreneurship class.” – Tony Miller, CHS Business Teacher

“mHUB provides an opportunity for students to see real-world applications of the concepts we cover in classes.  From an Applied Tech perspective, students in D211 have experience working with much of the equipment that mHUB has available.  The students would be able to experience concepts learned in Applied Tech, Business and other classes in a real world collaborative environment.” – Wayne Oras, HEHS Applied Technology Teacher

“I think this is an amazing opportunity for education of all ages to work with and around large companies, entrepreneurs, and engineers to get authentic experiences in learning that will fuel their passion for learning.” – Alex Larson, PHS Applied Technology Teacher

“mHub was an entrepreneur/innovators dream space. Students would be able to see how people in the real world collaborate. Bringing students to MHub or having them collaborate with people there would be a great experience.” – Anna Griffin, SHS Applied Technology Department Chair

“This sort of space is the missing piece for students and professionals to collaborate and develop products.” – Mike Karasch, FHS Applied Technology Teacher