D211 Post: Cougar Perk Returns In a Modified Way

           For more than a decade, one thing staff at James B. Conant High School could count on was the presence of the student run bakery Cougar Perk during the spring semester.  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 season of the café was cut short. 

            In early February, instructors of Conant’s Practices in Entrepreneurship announced that Cougar Perk would be returning in a modified capacity.

            “We are pick-up only,” said Conant High School Family and Consumer Science teacher Jackie Brown. “We don’t have our normal cafeteria set-up.”


            Brown added that due to reduced class sizes to accommodate hybrid learning, Cougar Perk is currently offering a smaller selection.

            Senior Elizabeth Gonzalez, who has been a part of Cougar Perk for the past three years said the different set-up has had an impact, but she still enjoys it.

            “It’s been a little bit slower for our business,” she said.  “We usually have people lined up out the door.  It may be slower now, but I still really enjoy it.”

            Brown said that one aspect of the new set-up did not require any adjustments.

            “We typically follow very strict sanitation guidelines regularly,” she said.  “Because we have always done that, we were already used to the new rules.”

            The response to Cougar Perk’s return in the halls of CHS has been overwhelmingly positive.

            “People are so happy to have us back,” Brown said.  “While we may not be completely back to normal, everyone has been glad to have something from a normal school year back.”

Village of Schaumburg to Host Career Exploration and Internship Fair for SHS, CHS, HEHS Students

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District 211 is partnering with the Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates communities to help students within those communities explore career and internship options.

The Village of Schaumburg is hosting a “Career Exploration and Internship Fair” for Conant, Hoffman Estates, and Schaumburg High School students on Jan. 26 at Schaumburg High School. The fair aims to: 

  • help create career opportunities for students,
  • increase youth awareness of local community and public sector opportunities,
  • put public sector agencies in contact with talent,
  • educate youth in public sector opportunities.

Representatives from the Village of Schaumburg, Schaumburg Library, Schaumburg Park District, Schaumburg Township, and YMCA will be in attendance. For more information, please contact Schaumburg High School.

Summer Renovations Start on Conant High School’s Pool, Main Office

CHS' pool renovation

CHS’ pool renovation

Renovations have started at Conant High School this summer on the building’s main office and pool. The pool renovations will enhance student opportunities in physical education, athletics, and community programs, as well as update aging equipment that can continue on a regular maintenance schedule for many years to come.

All five swimming pools in District 211 were built between 1975 and 1976, and are heavily utilized from early in the morning until late at night. Additionally, the schools’ pools are the most rented spaces by members of the community in the entire District. Due to normal maintenance, depth and regulation issues, and efficient utilization of space, this project affects the most individuals and has the highest completion priority.

CHS' front entrance and main office are under construction

CHS’ front entrance and main office are under construction

Another renovation is Conant High School’s main office and guidance area renovation, which will replace original building construction from 1962.  To increase student safety, any lockers in that hallway will be removed and the main offices will serve as checkpoints for school visitors without mixing in with students. This renovation will keep Conant’s offices up to date with the other schools in the District and increase safety standards.

Each week the D211 Post will showcase renovation progress of projects in District 211.

Conant High School Booster Club to Host Annual Craft Fair

More than 250 exhibitors are scheduled to participate in the annual Conant High School Booster Club Craft Fair on Oct. 19. The Booster Club will host its event at Conant High School, 700 East Cougar Trail in Hoffman Estates, from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  There will be a $1 admission charge, with all proceeds supporting Booster Club scholarships for students and special grants. In addition, a raffle will be held to benefit the Booster Club’s post-prom activity, which provides a safe, alcohol and drug free event for CHS students. For more information, please contact Jerry Trevino, Conant High School Booster Club liaison, 847-755-3612, jtrevino@d211.org or Tracy Gebhardt, 847-619-3992, chscraftfair@yahoo.com