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D211 Post: National School Lunch Week (Slideshow)

October 12-16, is National School Lunch Week.  Throughout District 211 members of our food service department have continued to work to ensure that, even during remote learning, out students have access to stable meals.   To date, District 211 has provided more than 1 million meals since the initial move to remote learning, and our food service staff continue to pack more meal bags every day while still providing normal meal service for teachers and staff members working in the schools. 

What’s New for the 2012-2013 School Year

The start of school is an exciting time each year in High School District 211. Back to school means teachers have worked on their curriculum during the summer and are ready to share new lessons or techniques. Many students have taken a summer school class, but most are eager to get back to school. In addition to that excitement, there are many things happening in District 211 that help make the start of this year unique to any other. Technology has rapidly increased in education throughout the years, and District 211 is incorporating more of it in the classroom. This fall marks the start of the One-to-One Pilot program, where students are given ...

Healthy Changes to 2012-2013 School Lunch Regulations

The National School Lunch program has changed its regulations for the upcoming year, and students will see new menu items with numerous health benefits outlined by federal nutrition standards. The improved meals will provide healthy, well-balanced, trans-fat free options that have all the nutrients students need to succeed at school. One new change is fruit and vegetable servings have increased. Previously, fruit servings were 1/3 cup and now they are a ½ cup. Vegetables will range from a ½ to a full cup serving. In addition to portion sizes increasing, students will have the ability to select more items, meaning instead of only being allowed ...