SHS Permanent Legacy Display in the Works

The Legacy Paver will be located next to the flagpole near the entrance of SHS.

Decorated in the halls of Schaumburg High School are various plaques and distinctions that showcase the legacy of several current and former students. In an effort to celebrate even more of SHS, the VIPs are opening the opportunity for current and former students alike to engrave their legacy for all to see as they enter the school building.

The SHS Saxon Leave Your Legacy Paver is an arrangement of engraved bricks that will be located outside the main entrance near the flagpole at SHS. Anyone can purchase a brick, varying by size, and engrave it with a personal message of their choice. The first brick was purchased by the baseball team in honor of former coach Paul Groot.

“The Saxon Legacy Paver initiative provides a unique opportunity for families and graduates of Schaumburg High School to leave some of their memories and history in a more permanent setting,” said SHS Principal Tim Little.

Bricks are on sale now for the Legacy Paver.

The pavers will provide opportunities for individuals to showcase their accomplishments or serve as keepsakes for family and friends. Bricks are on sale now for various denominations. After the installation of initial bricks purchased, there will be three installations per year to allow future students or individuals to purchase an engraved brick.

“We wanted to give everyone in the SHS community an opportunity to leave their legacy, regardless of what club or sport they are involved with or what message they want to leave behind,” said Madelynn Brossard, VIP co-chair for membership and chair of the legacy paver.

Co-president of the VIPs Judy Walther reflected similar sentiments.

“The paver will have a nice presence in front of the school and should show off nicely,” she said. “We wanted this to be available for everyone to see. It will not cater to specific groups, and is open for everyone. We also hope it will reach out to alumni clubs.”

For more information about the Saxon Legacy Paver or an order form, visit the website here.