D211 Post: Conant Theatre to Stream Their Production of Freaky Friday

            Theatre students at James B. Conant High School, like others across District 211 have adapted to a socially distanced environment by producing their fall play as a full video production.  Under the Direction of Katherine Apperson, more than 50 Conant High School students and faculty have collaborated over a three-month period to create the 2020 musical, “Freaky Friday,” which will stream Thursday, November 5th, 7 p.m. through Saturday, November 7th at 7 p.m.      

Both in front of and behind the camera, the students had to adapt to new styles and techniques.  Junior Allison Wise, who served as the set construction chair, said she had to create a different style of set.

            “This was a new experience for us,” she said.  “Normally we have a 30-foot rule, which says that the set has to look good from a further distance away.  Because the camera shoots much closer, we had to work on finer details and ensure we had believable perspective.”

            Senior Teagan Whiteside agreed with Wise and added that consistency between takes could also be a challenge.

             “On stage, if one run isn’t exactly the same as another it’s ok because there is a new audience each show,” she said.  “But, on camera each take has to be exactly the same, otherwise when we edit the different videos together the differences become very obvious and draw attention away from the story.”

            Fellow senior Reyna Parayno noted that filming multiple takes could be physically draining as well.

            “Having to perform dances with the same amount of energy over and over again could be exhausting,” Parayno said.  “It was definitely a challenge for a lot of the cast.”

            Film crew member, senior Lauren Hall pointed out that some of the challenges could lead to exciting experiences.

            “It’s been difficult to keep things consistent between takes, as well as learn how to edit audio and video in a few days in order to put the show together” she said.  “The best experience though has definitely been being able to watch finished scenes and say ‘we did that.’”

            Tickets to stream “Freaky Friday,” can be purchased at Showtix4u.com.