D211 Post: U.S. News and World Report Ranks 211 Schools Among Top 100 in Illinois

Students in a Freshman English class listen to discussions about Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet at Hoffman Estates High School.

            U.S. News and World Report has released its annual Best High Schools list.  In the list, the publication ranked nearly 18,000 public high schools from across the country.  In the most recent rankings, all District schools were ranked in the top 100 in Illinois, with four schools ranking among the top 10% nationally. 

            Fremd High School ranked the highest this year coming in at 13th in the state and 315th nationally.  Conant joined Fremd in the state’s top 50, ranking 42nd while being listed 882nd nationally.  Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates and Palatine followed close on the list, ranking 60th, 75th, and 93rd respectively. 

            For information about U.S. News and World Report’s ranking and to see where area schools ranked, visit https://www.usnews.com/education/best-high-schools/illinois/rankings.

Newsweek Ranks Fremd High School Top 16 in Illinois

Fremd High School was featured in Newsweek’s “America’s Top High Schools 2014″ list. The school is ranked 113 in the country, and is No. 5 out of 16 schools ranked in Illinois.

This year, the rankings were conducted a bit differently and Newsweek published two different lists to address the socioeconomic disparity that commonly skews top rankings lists. The goal of the rankings is to identify which public high schools prepare students for college, as well as overcome socio-economic inequality.

Two lists were published by Newsweek, including “America’s Top High Schools 2014,” which ranks schools based solely on performance (the “absolute” list), and “Beating the Odds: America’s Top High Schools for Low-Income Students,” which ranks schools with poverty levels taken into account (the “relative” list).

To see Newsweek’s complete rankings, please visit the website here.