VIDEO: What Students Like About the New SHS Media Center


As educational initiatives in the classroom continue to migrate toward the use of increased technology and collaborative student learning, the spaces used to facilitate these initiatives will play a role in helping students develop the skills they will need upon entering college or starting a career. As learning migrates away from traditional practices of “checking out” hardcover books and increasingly toward greater utilization of electronic media, our libraries are working to digitalize media content through various electronic means. The educational goals for library space are less intended to provide an area that is designated for independent, quiet learning spaces, but is rather becoming a space where students can work collaboratively in a Learning Commons.

Upgrades to the Schaumburg High School Media Center to become a Learning Commons area were recently completed. As District 211 continues to expand technology in the classrooms and challenge students to work collaboratively through various media sources, the new Learning Commons is designed to facilitate development of 21st century skills, enhance opportunities for non-stop learning, and provide students with endless opportunities for collaborative learning.

Watch the video below to see what students are saying about the renovations.